Brooks England Spring Dartmoor Shoot

The following is a proposal to Brooks England for a photography shoot on Dartmoor, UK. The shoot would take place in April/ Early May of 2019 and provide adventure or road cycling content for the Spring season. The shoot would take place in good weather to provide an atmosphere specific to the season.

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Trip Overview

I am proposing a shoot that takes places at The Ascent of Hay Tor in Dartmoor. The purpose of the shoot is to create content for Brooks England to be used on social media and in wider advertising that has relevance for the spring season. The roads through Dartmoor are known for being wild and spectacular. There are steep ascents and descents with a view of spectacular rock formations and vast moorlands. Historically, Dartmoor was seen as foreboding and untameable and was abandoned and feared by those who were forced to travel through it. More recently, Dartmoor has come to be seen as an iconic region for British cycling. The road I am proposing shooting on was famously used as the first ever Summit finish of the Tour of Britain Cycle Race. The shoot could take place on either a road bike - similar in concept to the shoot at Bealach Na Ba, or could take place on a touring bike - either loaded or unloaded. I am happy to be directed in terms of what is the most desirable content - and can arrange both types of bike. Dartmoor is only two hours away from my home in Bristol, so I can be relatively reactive in terms of weather conditions in order to get the most desirable lighting and mood. The days are now fairly long so I should also be able to get a wide array of cycling and lifestyle content. I will also shoot whatever products portraits, inducing details to give social content that demonstrates product usage.

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What Brooks England will receive. 

For the fee of £550 (inclusive of £100 modelling fee) I will deliver a wide range of photographic content including landscape photography, product portraits and lifestyle photography. I can tailor the shoot to your specific product and content needs. I will shoot as wide a variety of content as possible in the space of a day and think Dartmoor will give a broad range of shooting options.

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I have estimated the expenses of the trip to be around £100. This represents a cost of approximately £50 for 1 day of van hire, and approximately £50 fuel.

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The following gallery is a selection of photographs taken from the internet in order to demonstrate the terrain of the area, as well as a few taken by myself on recent trips. 

A spring morning in Snowdonia.

A spring morning in Snowdonia.