Brooks England Instagram Feed

The following is a proposal to Brooks England to allow me to maximise the potential of the Instragram feed by curating a high quality stream of content. This stream of content will be comprised of relevant, well thought out, targeted posts that when viewed as a channel will be aesthetically pleasing. In doing so the overall perception of the brand will increase, and four key audiences will be engaged. This will be done whilst maximising the marketing value of the Brooks England heritage status in a way that is modern and effective to new audiences.


Engaging key audiences through high quality imagery.

I have identified four key audiences that can be better catered for on a more consistent basis through a well strategised and coordinated instagram feed. I believe by mixing content that appeals to urban professionals, cycle racers and the sizeable bike-packing and bike-touring community which comprise the main body of the Brooks England audience in a more consistent and varied way, all four groups can be engaged. A unique selling point of the Brooks England core line is its enviable status as a heritage brand who continue to make high quality products in England. This will be better communicated in visual imagery and captions which are short, relevant and delivered in a high standard of English in a consistent brand voice.


Colour, Tones and Seasonal Relevance

The feed will be curated with reference to colour palettes of imagery used, to maintain a consistent and visually pleasing overall look to the Brooks England profile. The content will also be used to better reflect the realities of riding in winter, spring, summer and autumn so that the feed is relevant to buying trends and audience mood.

Instagram Stories

Better use will be made of instagram stories which, when produced correctly can significantly increase audience engagement with brand content. Professionally produced stories such as the one above keep audiences engaged and increase brand awareness. To be produced in the way above represents a significant step up on current methods and is pioneering in the cycling industry, matched only by Rapha.

Pricing and Benefits

The above will be provided for a fee of £570 per month. This will be done on a rolling 2 monthly contract, which will allow a dialogue between myself and Brooks England so that the instagram feed can accurately reflect upcoming product launches, global cycling events and sponsored teams, riders and races. A long established working relationship will the Brooks England team and a significant knowledge and interest of cycling culture will ensure the feed can become a more informative and engaging resource for cyclists, which will naturally grow our audience. The feed will also be used to better promote articles on the Brooks blog to drive traffic to a stream of interesting content produced and curated by the Brooks England team, as well as to better promote events in the Brooks flagship store in Covent Garden. All of this will be achieved through a daily post at the most effective times of day, as well as unique and individual instagram stories each weekend. The figure of £570 is arrived at by estimating the time required to plan and deliver a high quality stream of content that engages the key audiences, as well as the time it will take to storyboard and produce 4 unique instagram stories per month.